Performing Live – Why should you do it?

Performing Live – Why should you do it?

In the music industry, having plenty of experience is key!

Being able to show A&R Scouts and Record Labels how you’ve overcome a difficult performance or showing how a gig went wrong but you still completed it is vital! They want you to have experience in various situations because not every gig is going to go to plan!

Not everything will go your way as the industry is very saturated – there are new artists attempting to enter the music industry every day. It is essential to be persistent and not give up at the first hurdle. Having a strong work ethic goes a long way and proves to industry experts that this is the career you want. 

Gigging is essential so you can understand which songs work and which order works best for you. Playing too many original songs at the start can be the wrong decision. Instead, starting with covers to get your audience engaged, then moving to original tracks works very well. 

By experiencing different gigs you will also learn which venues suit you better and which events may attract more people from your target audience. 

Performing live can be daunting but it’s how you’re going to build up your following! You have to work on your show to make promotors want you on stage. 

Before performing live at a gig, you could trial an online live gig first. For example, a Facebook Live event. You will be able to receive comments from fans which may help you to improve on certain areas before your live gig. It will also help you to test out orders of songs and which songs work with your audience. You could even get them to request covers for your next live event. 

Are you unsure about how to plan a tour? Get in touch! We can plan and book your tour with you and give you all the support you need!

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