Why should you use YouTube?

Why should you use YouTube?

Lets face the facts; the music landscape has changed in recent years and continues to do so, especially for smaller, independent musicians.

A large proportion of the global music industry still prefers to buy physical music i.e. CD’s, meaning they aren’t parting from the traditional outright music ownership, but customers have been moving increasingly towards legal alternatives like streaming, which is changing the way audiences are engaging with the music they listen to.

Sites like ‘Deezer’ and of course ‘Spotify’ are giving fans of music access to a larger amount of songs and artists than ever before all for around the monthly price of a single fast food takeaway. Another factor in our changing habits in listening to music is the share-ability factor. Listening to a song on a CD or MP3 or even the radio takes a fair amount of effort to share that experience, writing social posts and finding links to share that that tune with your loved ones.






This is where YouTube has really succeeded as a platform. It is already the most popular tool online for music discovery and the favoured listening platform for the under 18 age group. My guess is that YouTube’s easy integration with social media, coupled with it’s user friendly set up is a huge convenience for the modern music fan and most importantly, the platform is free and has videos!

Being a growing artist, having a website is a no-brainer. But having great visuals to go along side the great songs you have written can only highlight your potential as a recording artist.

That right there is why YouTube can be an amazing tool in which you can promote you ability and your passion. This strategy has worked particularly well with artists like Justin Bieber and Goyte whose careers were kicked off by using YouTube.

A lot of A&R scouts will use YouTube to find new artists, sometimes by listening to covers of well-known songs. This is why it is essential to start posting on YouTube! It’s also a great way to engage your fan base. Choosing a particular day that you post a new video can excite your fan base and allow you and your fans to have a routine. They will know that a Tuesday for example is the day to listen to your new music.

If you need any help with getting started, or you’re struggling to pick your next cover song, let us know and we will be happy to help!


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